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What I believe in...

My message has been clear from the start; bring Integrity, Ethics, and Morals back to an honorable profession not just for the employees, but also for the citizens of Van Zandt County. Support our deputies with modern pay rates, equipment, benefits, a true line for advancement, and education. All this can be accomplished with funds available through multiple sources from the State and Federal government to lessen our tax payers burden. Stop our sheriff’s department from being used as a training ground for other departments as deputies leave for better pay and because of the low department moral. I support the change of culture at the Van Zandt Sheriff's Office. Empower our citizens with a transparent department using a true open door policy, town hall meetings, Citizens Police Academy’s, Crime Stoppers programs, and most of all being a 24/7 working Sheriff for Van Zandt citizens. All this while using tax payers money responsibly with a budget of needs and not wants. 
We need a new perspective, We need a new professional leader for Van Zandt Sheriff's Office!
We need Chip Krieger for Van Zandt County Sheriff's Office!

Vote Chip on March 5, 2024!
Ethics, Integrity, and Morals

Rebuilding ethics, integrity, and morals in the Van Zandt County Sheriff's Office is a crucial undertaking that requires a comprehensive and dedicated approach. Here are some steps that can be taken to achieve this goal:

​1. Leadership Commitment: The leadership of the Sheriff's Office needs to set the tone by demonstrating unwavering commitment to ethics, integrity, and morals. The Sheriff and high-ranking officers should lead by example.

2. Clear Codes of Conduct: Develop and implement clear and comprehensive codes of conduct and ethical guidelines for all deputies and staff. Make sure these codes are communicated clearly and regularly.

3. Training and Education: Provide ongoing training and education programs that focus on ethical decision-making, community engagement, and building strong moral character. Include real-life scenarios that deputies may encounter to help them make ethical choices.

4. Transparency and Accountability: Foster a culture of transparency and accountability. Ensure that misconduct is addressed swiftly and fairly, and that officers are held responsible for their actions.

5. Community Engagement: Establish regular interactions between the Sheriff, deputies, and the community. Town hall meetings, community outreach programs, and collaborative initiatives can help build trust and mutual understanding.

6. Whistleblower Protection: Create a mechanism for deputies and staff to report ethical concerns without fear of retaliation. Whistleblower protection can encourage individuals to come forward with information about misconduct.

7. Ethical Leadership:  The leadership of the department must demonstrate ethical behavior, integrity, and a commitment to public service. Leadership by example can set a positive tone for the entire agency.

I am honored to run for Van Zandt County Sheriff and hope to earn your trust and support. I have a proven track record of leadership that prioritizes transparency, accountability, and community involvement. I value the importance of emotional intelligence and strong communication when leading a team and handling challenging situations. As Sheriff, I will keep our community safe while respecting the rights of all citizens. I will work tirelessly to maintain trust between law enforcement and the public we serve. Together, we can create a safer and more united Van Zandt County.

Van Zandt County Sheriff is elected official who is responsible for law enforcement in the county, and their role extends beyond just enforcing the law. Here's how the Van Zandt Sheriff can be part of the community:

  1. Community Engagement: The Sheriff should engage with their community through town hall meetings, public forums, and other events. This allows us to hear the concerns and needs of the residents firsthand.

  2. Community Policing: The Sheriffs' Offices emphasizes community policing, where deputies build positive relationships with residents. This approach encourages officers to interact with community members, attend community events, and work collaboratively to address local issues.

  3. Crime Prevention Programs: The Sheriff also initiates or supports various crime prevention programs, such as neighborhood watch programs, Crime Stoppers, drug education programs in schools, and initiatives targeting youth involvement in crime.

  4. Supporting Local Organizations:  The Sheriff often works with local nonprofit organizations, charities, and community groups to provide resources and assistance to those in need. This can include organizing food drives, fundraisers, and other community-oriented activities.

  5. School Resource Officers (SROs): The Sheriffs Office supports School Resource Officers in local schools. Deputies not only provide security but also serve as mentors and educators, building positive relationships with students.

  6. Community Outreach Units: The Sheriffs' Office will have a dedicated community outreach unit that the will focus on building connections, providing education on various safety topics, and addressing community concerns.

  7. Emergency Response and Disaster Preparedness: The Sheriff plays a critical role in coordinating emergency response efforts during natural disasters and crises. They work closely with other local agencies to ensure community safety and recovery. This is a 24/7 role for the Van Zandt County Sheriff!

  8. Transparency and Accountability: If elected Sheriff, I WILL establish policies and practices that promote transparency and accountability within the department. As the Sheriff, I will establish a Internal Affairs Unit to ensure ethical conduct in the entire department!

  9. Supporting Victims: Sheriff will often oversee victim support programs to provide assistance to individuals and families affected by crime. This includes helping victims navigate the criminal justice system and connecting them with necessary services.

  10. Public Safety Education: As Sheriff,  I will engage in public safety education campaigns, educating the community about various aspects of law enforcement, emergency preparedness, and safety. We can not do this job with out our community.

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